Professor Michael Axelsson
University of Gothenburg
Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences
Medicinaregatan 18

Telephone: +46 31 7863689
Mobile: +46 766 183689
Skype: michael.axelsson

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microLOGGER v1

I was looking for an cheaper data aquisition (DAQ) system and searching  the Raspberry pi (RPI) community you can find many examples for simple DAQ systems but nothing that is user-friendly and do not demand programing. I had earlier worked with Bill Williams from the US developing the microVIEW system for the microsurgery training facility. (

I contacted him again and asked him if he would be interested in developing a better user-friendly data acquisition system for the RPI. We discussed and tested some ideas and from this microLOGGER emerged. It will not replace a ADInstruments PowerLab system or any other high end DAQ system but its strength is that it is userfriendly, cheap but still powerful , the source code will be a freeware at Github and so will the 3D designed casing, so for around 100 EUR you can get a system capable of sampling up to 8 analog inputs up to 50Hz or 4 differential channels at up to 50Hz. For many of the experiments that we are running 50Hz is enough. The size of the integrated system (computer and DAQ board) is small enough to be fastened on the back of the computer screen used or you can run it headless if connected to the internet.


Vetenskapsfestivalen DIGITAL

Mikroskåpet som är ett sammarbete mellan Institutionen för Biologi och Miljövetenskap vid Göteborgs universitet och AstroSweden som presenteras live under det publika programmet den 4 oktober. Vi g år live klockan 15.00

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